Band in Cardiff, UK, needs a drummer and rhythm guitarist. We've got some very well written songs influenced by everything from Santana to Dire Straits and Rage Against the Machine to Thin Lizzy and intend to gig through July-September.

We've got a bass player and singer/lead guitarist, just need to fill out the line-up to get gigging.
If the rhythm guitarist position is still available, I suppose I could join. I play guitar and drums, but I haven't got my own drumkit. If you're interested mail me/PM/whatever .
Yeah we're still hunting for guitarists; my msn should be in my profile, add me and we can sort something out.

Since posting this we've gotten a drummer and I'm trying out one guitarist in the next few weeks after we finish up our A levels, likely after the 20th. Most of our songs use two guitars and keys or three guitars, so we have two guitarist positions going at the moment.

Some of our songs exported from Guitar Pro using samples are up on our temporary myspace (myspace.com/thelever) to advertise for band members; we hope to record some material properly in the next two months.