i don't think this is a regular scale i could be wrong though you are just taking these notes and basing it in A

is there anymore chords in this song?
song stuck in my head today

your gonna have to play maybe these chords as there own key the notes might conflict with the cords. the C# and E may not sound good wiht hte Ebmaj and the G and Bb may not sound goods with the A maj

playing a riff or solo or what have you over this progression
song stuck in my head today

Quote by Gordita Supreme
1 b2 3 #4 5 b7

6 note altered scale based off of triads of A major and Eb major.

Name = ?

I have absolutely no idea if it's any type of actual scale, but you could call it Phrygian Dominant #4, you just simply left out the sixth but I don't think that would change it.
I looked into all of the exotic scales that I could to no avail... I found this with a major 7, but I couldn't find a name with the flat 7.

:-D's answer is what I'd go with. Though, what do you need the name for?

You could also call it a Raga Mandari b7.
If you really want to give this exact 6-note sequence a name...

It's a Dominant 7(b9,#11) arpeggio...!