Ok guys I'm starting a home studio I basically need a complete walk through on how to set up a home studio.

Ok so lets say this is what I'm going to have:

Computer whatevs
Motu 896hd
Mics and shiz
Cables and shiz
Possibly a Mic preamp
Sonar 7 producer edition

Alright now I am just wondering is there any compatiblity issues with these products featured above?

I have also been wondering about sound cards and stuff. Does your computers sound card have anything to do with your recordings? Is the monitor mix just like you use the output on the interface then to an amp then to the speakers and such.

Or does the actual sound of the recording vary on your computers soundcard? Or is the sound card completley bypassed?

Also as far as a mic preamp does it go Mic to preamp to interface to computer?

ugh I'm confused please help!!!

Am I missing something is there something that I need?
Ahh thank you! That helped a lot I guess I'm not missing anything. I am pretty sure I'm going to use an interface rather then a soundcard because that way I just have to buy an interface rather then a sound card AND a mixer. Is this the right thing to do?
See if you can get a mod to direct the thread to the "Riffs and Recordings" area. You could get a lot more help from there, because that forum is specifically designed for questions like yours.

Read up on audio interfaces, that will help.

You won't want to use your computer's sound card, even if it is a nice one. You will want to get a sound card specifically for recording. A sound card is just a type of audio interface known as a PCI interface.

You can get firewire or USB interfaces that just bypass your sound card and act as soundcard themselves.

You could try to shoot for an interface with built in preamps. That'd solve your preamp problem. Check out tweak's guide for interfaces for a list of different audio interfaces and look for ones within your price range that have preamps in them. Also you'll want phantom power too for your condenser mics.

A nice, all purpose mic is the Shure SM57. They're really well built and you could use it for a lot of things.

Hope that'll help you get started.
There are some soundcards that work on PCI-E x1 and x16 interface too.
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