I setn some PMs to a couple of King V owners, but haven't heard anything back yet. I'm in need of some basic King V measurements to help with a little project (not building a King V clone.. yet. )

Here's the measurements I'm in need of:

If anyone can help my out I'd be very grateful.
if someone PM's them to you could you send them to me. thanks.
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The distance from nut to 12th fret is half the guitar's scale length. Work from there, and you should get pretty accurate measurements.
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I scaled up a few images for my build

IIRC A is about 520mm

I did a neck through, and I haven't cut the neck blank and the ends yet, so I don' t know what B is.



Thats the thread, looks like I was close though.
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Awesome, that jcfonline thread helped a ton. One of our esteemed V owners PM'd me back too, I'll post all the final measurements once I got everything drawn out.

That image scaling idea works pretty well too, I've done that for other things in the past and it gets pretty close.
hey do you remember the title of that thread? i was looking but couldn't find it.

if you don't can you PM me the measurements that he sent you? that would help a lot.