Im realy unsure if its good or not, I just listened to it to much.

Anyway ..I Was inspired by opeth,Dream theater and Iron Maiden for that tracks (wich is my first one ever).

Hope ya like it.
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lol its good but if u dont want it, Ill take it lol . Intro is awesome and i can defenetly see the dream threatre in this. I like how the lead fades in and out. Has a good feeling but verse 1 &2 repeats too much. Maybe make it more variety wise. Still sounds awesome thow. Needs work thow, 1st its too repetative. And needs some better leads. Other than that the rhythm is good but it can sure use some melodic stuff. Gj but it isnt finished lol. c4c https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=821499
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Thanks! Il devinitevly( LOL spelling) Work on it more. What bugs me about it is the transition I cant Make them right.
well all i can say is that u should fix your root notes on the intro. the first 6 bars are fine but when you keep going like on bar 7. Change your root note so it fits with the first 6 bars.
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Last 8 bars are the best in the entire song. That piano and guitar duet was epic. And why was keyboard 2 even there? It didn't play anything lol. Anyway, it was really good, but I think it was maybe more of a progressive rock rather than metal.
Thanks for the crit on mine.

O I'm loving this, the ring-outs really have an affect, you used them well. And I like how it starts to build up. Verse 3 is badass, very cool. The groove you got going on in the instrumental section is pretty sweet. That last bit of it with the guitar was really good. I can imagine being entranced by the chorus. And the ending is beautiful. Dude, you gotta love this song, its really really good. Be proud of it man, I wanna hear a real recording of it with vocals and everything. Keep on rockin man!
Oh my god sforbz That right!! I just listened to the song and its true, it sounds alike.

Told you I was influenced by opeth!

And BTW Thanks Tsaxn.
Good ideas...
But some (a lot) of areas in the song sound really hollow... Sort of like you were tabbing a song but couldn't figure everything out, so you just put what you knew.. It feels like there's a lot missing. I'd work on adding some more stuff to fill it out. And for something progressive, that was sort of short and repetitive. lol