I was looking areound on warmoth for bass necks and they seem to have TERRIBLE selection. All they have are headstocks for p-basses, and a few differents things for the angled headstocks, but nothing close to the selection there is for guitars. I'm thinking of building an explorer bass (terrible upper fret access, i know, doesn't matter) but it looks like my only choice is to buy a blank neck and cut the headstock out of it myself. Is there something i'm missing?
You know why theres not much of a selection? Because it's a Bass.

That site is mainly focused on guitars, so I would personally look elsewhere, or as you suggested, make your own.

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you can draw anything you want and send it to them and they will make it for you. get original.

oh cool. i didn't know that. Thank you yet again, LP Addict.
Or.. you could look on Ebay for an Explorer neck.
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If you're making an explorer bass, you might want to worry about neck dive
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