Hey, I kinda just joined here, but was wondering if anyone wanted to maybe try to jam a bit online. Like, ill record some junk, send it to you, and you add some stuff and sned it back. Nothing really serious, just to get better and junk.
It's a nice idea, I've recorded several tracks that way before. You know what else is very helpful? using the same recording software. Say I use audacity, I send you the .aup file so that you can control the track volume and all that jazz.
that sounds like a pretty cool idea.me and a friend in New Orleans were going to do that at one point but we never got around to it. feel free to send me something anytime.just send me a friend request and ill give you my email address.
Yeah i see, well i use garage band, but id love to try this with you guys sometime.
I guess audacity is the cheapest thing to record. Plus my current computer isn't all that great, even though I shall be getting a new computer for my music purposes very soon.

Anyways I'm free just give me a message.

(I sound like a porn-bot)