List the bands you first started listening to as a young'n and then the ones you currently listen to see how tings have changed..

Looking back I suppose I
the first EVER CD I started listening to was Aqua... but that was ages ago then Blink 182 and Byan Adams a while after. Now days I mostly listen to Refused, Mastodon, Radiohead and Pink Floyd as well as many others.. So how about you UG?
Green Day>Disturbed>Mainstream rap/metal>Buckethead>Dream Theater/ industrial/ Progressive.

First - Adam and the Ants, Prince, The Eurythmics

A wee bit later - A1, 5ive, Spice Girls

Currently - Mindless Self Indulgence, Prince >__>, Reuben, Morrissey....
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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.
When I was much younger I was in love with every one of the Backstreet Boys.

Now I'm in love with Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington.
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The first CD I ever bought, when I was seven years old, was the Turtles Greatest Hits. I also listened to the Beach Boys a lot when I was little.

Hit middle school, went into a classic rock stage. Listened to Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Cheap Trick, Boston, and Cream, to name a few.

Still love them, but now listen to a lot more metal (thanks largely to the influence of UG). Dream Theater, Opeth, Symphony X, etc.
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Backstreet Boys -> D12/Eminem -> Green Day -> Billy Talent -> RHCP -> Led Zeppelin -> Metallica -> Radiohead
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First - Adam and the Ants, Prince, The Eurythmics

A wee bit later - A1, 5ive, Spice Girls

Currently - Mindless Self Indulgence, Prince >__>, Reuben, Morrissey....

No way, you started with Eurythmics? That's cool.
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No way, you started with Eurythmics? That's cool.

I started off with those 3 because of my Mum and her lovely vinyls.
I mean I started off waaaaay young.

I now have part of the vinyl collection in my room XD

I love it ^__^
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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.
Well growing up I listened to all of the popular 90's stuff. Everclear, Eagle Eye Cherry, Sugar Ray, etc. I still listen to all of that 90's alt from time to time, but I mostly listen to stuff like Pink Floyd, Muse, Coheed and Cambria, Incubus, and The Mars Volta. Lately I've started dabbling a little bit more into folk-rock type stuff though...
i would need a flow chart to map this out. i've gone from knowing every beatles song ever written when i was like 5 to being an ashlee simpson fan at like 8 and completely forgetting beatles and stones and zeppelin to being a creed/staind fan at like 10/11 and then getting back into beatles/zeppelin and the whole brittish movement and then into old 70s prog. rock then some old folk and blues and now more modern stuff has come back in again like rhcp, mars volta coheed and cambria, incubus, black keys, white stripes
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Eminem>As I Lay Dying

edit: ok, that looks like i'm saying Eminem is better... you know what I mean....
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Started out listening to Daft Punk and other techno bands.

Now i'm into progressive metal and classic rock. i stopped listening to techno after i started playing guitar.
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Backstreet Boys -> D12/Eminem -> Green Day -> Billy Talent -> RHCP -> Led Zeppelin -> Metallica -> Radiohead

yes I too dabled in a bit of Billy Talent actually they were my favourite band for a while
Modest Mouse
Franz Ferdinand
Flaming Lips

Modest Mouse
Flaming Lips
Led Zeppelin
The Strokes

things i'm getting into:
Yo La Tengo
Arcade Fire
Eagles of Death Metal
God Speed You! Black Emperor
The Libertines
Mars Volta
Ted Leo
Elliott Smith
The Beatles
Explosions in the Sky
Iron & Wine
Sex Pistols
Talking Heads

wham, bam, thank you ma'am!
My earliest memory of music may have been around 5 or 6 when I heard "White Riot" on my uncles stereo;

When I first Started: Ozzy Osbourne/Black Sabbath, The Clash, The Ramones, Rancid

Now: The Specials, Pantera, Bob Marley, Opeth, Iron Maiden, The Oppressed, Rise Against
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started out with like backstreet boys and stuff early, went to like green day and red hot chili peppers around 6th grade, now at age 16 im into ska, industrial, and jazz.
First: Switchfoot, Maroon 5

Then: Fallout Boy, Panic At The Disco, All American Rejects (I know, its a point in my life I want to forget)

Now: All That Remains, Bullet For My Valentine, Atreyu, Breaking Benjamin
country to death metal

i dont actually enjoy country, but its what i was forced to listen to for the first 10 years of my life
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At first: Green Day, AC/DC, System Of A Down

After: System Of A Down, Billy Talent, Rise Against

Finally: Fear Factory, Children Of Bodom, Meshuggah, Divine Heresy
Sorcer - Symphonic Death Metal

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then: sum 41,billy talent, blink 182

now: between the buried and me, dillinger, buckethead
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well,,,,,,started out with 80's like skid row, kiss, motely crue,a flock of seagulls, asia, you know the best 80's-then i went to linkin park, then slipknot and more metal stuff and now im into Slipknot, Story of the Year, Disturbed, Your Mom...jk, Bullet for my Valentine, 80's ,30 seconds to mars, as i lay dying, all that remains, shadows fall, avenged sevenfold, chevelle, stonesour, chiodos, dethklok, drist, five finger death punch, it dies today, killswitch engage, korn linkin park, mudvayne, three days grace, AND MANY MORE IM JUST TO LAZY TO WRITE THE REST
My favourite band during my early teen years were placebo like from 14 to 16... Oh the anguish a young teenager can feel!
Country (forced to listen to it except for Garth Brooks) to popular 90's stuff (Spice Girls) to Blink 182 but now mostly classic (Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd) and Nu Metal (Staind) and my favorite of all time Rage Against the Machine
my chronicle of favorite bands....

first stuff AC/DC, Metallica, Poison, Motley Crue and Guns N Roses
about a year or two ago: Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains
now: Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Beatles, Rage Against the Machine, Incubus

I still listen to Pearl Jam and Nirvana though... and I like a lot of punk and ska too.
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My bands usually are in or started out in the 90's but bands that I've listened to alot I still listen two like Matchbox Twenty and Goo Goo Dolls, now I listen to alot of Grunge like Soundgarden and Nirvana but stray into Rap Metal with RATM and liking both Soundgarden and RATM I got into Audioslave, then I got into Foo Fighters and SOAD, and I still listen to all of that
country cuz i was forced to hear it to classic rock to alternative/punk to thrash metal to screamo/emo i now listen to everything other than country
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first CD I ever owned was Collective Soul

my taste went

Alternative/80's&90's>Hard rock>Nu Metal>Alternative/Classic Rock>Alternative/Blues/Rock/jazz

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Country music (forced to)>Rap music>Linkin Park>Various modern rock bands/nu metal/alternative>classic rock>thrash metal>all kinds of metal>jazz/classical/blues>PROGRESSIVE

Pretty much the last one is the only thing I listen to now a days, I feel I have been through the rest and reached the pinnacle of the music listening experience (for me).
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Early stuff I listened to: Chuck Berry, Cream, The Beatles, The Who (in particular), The Strokes.

Stuff I listen to now: Radiohead, Devo, Cat Powers, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, T-Bone Walker, Leadbelly, The DK's (and a lot of early punk, proto and 60's garage), Sonic Youth, Robert Johnson, Talking Heads, Blondie, etc.
First was Aerosmith, AC/DC, et al. Then I moved into punk. Then it was into metal, jazz, and classical - all at once. Then I said, "Fuck it - progressive rock all the way! "

So now I'm a Rush dork.