FS/FT 80GB Fifth Gen. iPod Video +data cable, headphones a case (if i can find it)

It's far from new but no serious scratches. Lots of light scuffing all over. Works perfectly and will come with a pair of official iPod headphones, a case, an iPod USB charger/data cable, and . I'll sell for $130 but the price is totally negotiable just send me a pm and we can talk.

Only Trades i can think of are:

~Guitar/Bass FX Pedals: including but not limited to Boss FBM-1, Ibanez TS9/TS9DX, Boss PS-5, EHX Q-tron+, Dunlop 535Q wah, Boss Chorus Ensemble, and whatever pedal that'll make my guitar sound like Greg Howe :p

~M-Audio Fast Track Pro (the newest one that comes bundled with the ableton live lite 6)

~A decent guitar amp (it's a long shot but worth a try )

~A slice of pizza...i'm hungry :p

please don't contact me about nay other trades. i'll post some pics tomorrow.
what's the catch? i've got a pod if you are considering that as a FX pedal like dealy.
lol no catch. I mean i could sell it for more if that's what you would like :p

I got a new iPod and have not use for the old one anymore. I'll leave them music on there for those who would like it w/ disk mode enabled so you can put the music on your computer (though i think itunes may do this automatically). I playlists ranging from various forms of metal to electronica, and jazz. My personal preference is fusion and metal. And getting back to your post no thanks on the pod. I dig multi-fx but i can never find one that does everything i want it to well. My last one was a boss me-50b which was awesome but the manual wah (though the auto-wah was killer), and synth sounds sucked.
hmmm...i am interested ... where do you live? (shipping purposes, i'm not a pedaphile)
rule three of teh intarwebz: Everyone's a pedophile if your under 16 until proven otherwise...

lucky for me i just turn 17 on monday (w00t for... not much really). anyway i live in MD depending on where you live shipping is probably in the range of 10-$15 dollars. forgot to mention this is CONUS ONRY.
i have no idea what you mean by conus onry. i could just be internet dumb but that seems to look like latin.
Quote by theargus11
i have no idea what you mean by conus onry. i could just be internet dumb but that seems to look like latin.

CONUS = Continental + USA


Ok, for all pizza offers:

1. Pizza must be MINT!! not flavor, i mean untouched by the human hand (gloves are kool though)

2. Pizza must not have and must not have had any sort of toppings (besides swedish meatballs) on it any time in it's existence!

3. If said slice of pizza taste like bleach coughcoughdominoescoughcough i reserve the right to hunt you down and beat you until i get a more respectable slice of pizza.
are you interested in trading your iPod and accessories for a Boss SD-1?

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is that the classic?
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