I'm sure I would have found it funnier if I had followed it from post 1. Still though, that kid got fucking own'd!
lol reminds me of this kid in an Israel forum.
Also he claimed that he had some very nice Mazda and posted a pic.

The pic was in the 1st page of google images . Epic fail :P.

pwned. lol.
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Agreed. There's no point in doing anything if she looks like shit.
"i had to go to the bathroom,and the camera fell in the toilet.and uh,yea...i wasnt goin after it...so i let it be...LMAO"

so if the cameras in the toilet how did he get the picture out without touching the camera?

i know a guy just like this, he said he dated a model, had a brand new skyline gtr in storage in grade 10, starred at the sun for 24hrs (yea he said that) and his boss drives a koenigsegg ccr (a builder)

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haha I read through the majority of that up until around page 37, man I've never seen someone get owned so bad, or actually have forumers take that much time to prove him wrong hahahahah

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Theres more of us it wont be long before we you over the world and you can burn all the churchs you want

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hahaha pwned

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