Hi there!

I was wondering if it was possible to turn my M-Audio firewire solo interface into a PA system while the interface isn't plugged in a computer? I would use this to have vocals through the interface and then through speakers.

I'm thinking I need to get speakers, which I already have (I have some home theater speakers) but I'm not sure if the plugs will fit. Also, is there anything else I would need... like for exemple an home theater amp plugged in the interface?
I doubt you can do that cuz the FWsolo works on firewire power from the computer.

And its a sound card. Its no different from the internal soundcard of your comp. Only better quality and more inputs/outputs.

You could though connect a PA to your FW solo. Use the outputs 1and2 to connect them into the L and R inputs of the PA. You can hear stuff you play on your comp or anything through your FW Solo through the PA.
Though you'll probably need a preamp for that (unless PA already has got one).