If this is spamming or something like that then somebody tell me cause i don't want to be banned again...if not than cool...

If you want to post comments about the songs i'm gonna learn go ahead.

If you want to post some songs that you have learned that you think are cool/fun to play then be my guest!

Or if you have learned some of the songs i am going too then if you would please tell me where you learned yours and tell me the one you think is of the highest quality or whatever then that would be greatly appriciated...if you could post a link of where it is you learned the song or something like that?

Fight Fire with Fire- Metallica

Sweetness- Jimmy Eat World

The Things That Should Not Be- Metallica

Animal I have Become
(the rest of) Never too late-3 days grace

Apoligize- One Republic

(rest of) photograph- Def leppard

she likes me for me- B.U.S.

Slide-goo goo dolls

best of you-foo fighters

fade to black- Metallica

love in an elevator- Aerosmith

(rest of) Come as you are- Nirvana

(rest of) Kryptonite- 3 Dorrs Down

Look after you- The fray

Drops of Jupiter- Train

If your gone- Matchbox 20

Bent- ""

Push- ""

Real World- ""

How Far we've Come- ""

3am- ""

Unwell- ""

Bright Lights- ""

Play with me- Extreme

There are tons more i'll add more later...
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Fight Fire with Fire- Metallica

HOLY ****! I was listening to this right as I opened the thread!

But yeah, good choice.