i went to the doctor and I had a 6 pound weight loss in a matter of three weeks. Which was due to a hardcore stomach flu that I had. Well the doctor thinks I am anorexic and is asking if I feel like I am overweight or something. I told her no since I weigh about 132 pounds. So now I need to gain a couple pounds quick. Is it unhealthy to gain about 5 pounds in a month by eating proteins like nuts. Oh yes and I'm also a vegetarian so that might have something to do with it. What do you guys think I should eat. Because if I don't gain weight they are sending me to a psychologist.
jesus man, eat some ****ing meat!

But since you're a vegetarian... Eat lots of avocados and olives or something? Quite fattening, I think.
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Gain some muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat.. I think. I'm assuming you're a guy.
Eat Cake and lots of it!
i'd tap that .........speaking to a bass, its a music joke!

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your doctor is pretty.... stupid.
weight can fluctuate, and you were sick.., its bound to happen
what do you usually eat for meals?
im veg

i dont know what you could eat to gain weight tho.. lotsa dairy i guess
See a nutritionist. That's usually recommended when someone first becomes a vegetarian.
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I was anorexic once, but then i had a sandwich.

Worst 3 hours ever.

Seriously, just pig out and try to bill it to your insurance company.
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ahah yeah I'm just trying to put on some weight because I have to see her again in a week. I don't want to cause trouble for my parents. Since they are a bit concerned.