I was at the music store today and got to talking with the owner of it. I don't think he's just trying to sell me something, because he had Gibson models as well, and I've known him for a while and he seems very experienced.

But he showed me a 1970's model Aria Pro II Les Paul model guitar that he said was an upgrade from both a Gibson Les Paul Studio and a Gibson Les Paul Standard. He was comparing the Aria to a new model Gibson, by the way.

I haven't gotten a chance to take it down and play it, but has anyone heard any stories about these miracle machines before? If it's such an awesome guitar, how come they aren't commonly heard of?

I was wondering if you think I should get this guitar for $800 in VERY VERY good condition or get a new Gibson LP Studio for $1400.
Play both guitars first and compare them.
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my friend has a 1970's aria pro it just not a les paul model, it sounds really good, but still play it to see what is sounds like.
play it. alot of 70s LP's are better then real LPs and for alot less money.

or you could buy a used guitar on craigslist. i prefer it to shops, alot cheaper. you should be able to find a gibson LP on there for 1200 or less. ive bought/sold guitar stuff on there, its good.
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$800 is bats ass insane for an Aria. First off it's early 80's, as if it was 70's it would be an aria and na EXACT copy of it. They are great guitars and it is an Uncle Mat, Made in one of the best Japanese factories ever. However, they really aren't worth more than maybe $500 for a setneck one in NOS condition. I do think they are better made guitars, but playability and sound is subjective. The one here had a slightly thinner profile neck than the LP Classic they had, but it's pickups were kind of weak and the electronics were probably cheap.
I bet the Gibson owns the Aria.
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I bet the Gibson owns the Aria.

Says the guy who owns a Gibson Have you ever even played a classic Aria/Aria Pro II?
I would really appreciate non-biased answers. I know you might be a fan of Gibson, but all I'm asking is if this Aria is better than the Studio or Standard, Gibson's "lesser" models.

I don't really want a bunch of Gibson fan-boys ranting about how great Americanism is and all that jibber jabber.
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The ARias have a LOT of good feedback, wehreas gibsons quality control has apparently been slipping.

I hate it how people say Gibson's Quality Control is going down. Chambering bodies doesn't mean it's going down. They do say they do chambered bodies for all the Gibson USA guitars, when you look up the guitar on their site.

I'm sure the Aria is a great guitar. Play it for a while, as in like 5-10 minutes through a good amp. And then play the other guitars you are interested in through the same amp. Then see which guitar you like.

As stated, $800 is crazy for an Aria. I've seen them going over here on Ebay for nearer $300.
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