Hello, so theres a really cool song named "Responsible for" By a band named Snake like charm, a lot of people dont know this band, but they were a great band, i havent found any tabs from them, apparently, the guitarrist never wrote anything in paper lol, ,so the song is awesome, a lot of people probably dont know it, so i left a link for the song


this is a video on youtube, s pretty good


idk a lot bout genders of music, but its kind of hard rock, alice in chains style, really cool, so plz give it a try, if its possible, i would like the tab in guitar pro, s pretty cool, 2 play with this software, im a begginer, but i wanna try this song.....apparently is a lil hard for me yet lol, but..... i just wanna try it

so, thx a lot, peace out!
i repeat...the song is amazing!
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