I have a scar on my right-hand ring finger, and it hurts whenever I play with any amount of force...is there something I can put on it that won't make that finger sound funny?

I've tried a bunch of tapes and a couple of band-aids already and they have either sounded bad or not worked well enough.
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How long have you been playing bass? If you're new then .. well .. you'll get used to it and your fingers will be rock solid eventually.
I've been playing for about 4 years. That scar isn't going away, sadly. When I got it I almost cut the tip of my finger off...the cut was almost to the bone. Being a kid, I stuck my finger in an empty can of veggies with the lid still attached. (The kind you use a can opener for) When I tried to pull it out, I got my finger jammed between the lid and the side of the can...the more I pulled, the deeper it cut.

Ora-gel, or super Glue.

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I'll give that a shot. I assume oragel is the easier one to remove?

Yeah, super-glue is rather toxic also.
If not you can always learn to play with a pick. I made sure I learned so that if I do hurt my fingers I can still play. Chris Wolstenholme of Muse did that too
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Your right hand ring finger? When do you use it? to pop or do you use all 3 fingers when you play? *sort of confused*

If you use 3 fingers, just use 2 and just use your middle finger to pop. You could always use a pick?