what songs are good for begginers [except smoke on the water] and what is a hammer on and to bend on a note
First song I learned was Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace. Easy, but still fun to play. Don't tune all the way to drop C, just learn it with drop D.
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A hammer-on is when you hit a note without picking it (i.e. just your fretting hand hits it) and to bend a note you just hold the string down and push it to the side.
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Personally as a beginner I found the into to Sweet Child O Mine to be really easy and simple to remember. It was also a great way to improve my picking and even a bit of left hand dexterity.
TNT by ACDC first song i ever learnt
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i learned Kryptonite when i first started, the only difficult part is the BM chord in the chorus if you decide to use chords. u could just use power chords tho....
Dammit by blink- 182 is pretty simple too
but i need help withchords with some songs like run to the hills or is it too experinced
dont start on iron maiden just yet...a little too much gallop triplet strumming. just go with the first song thread a few posts up
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