How do I unlock my blackberry 8700c?

Is there any easy free or low cost way?

Any help is much appreciated!!
>Place Blackberry on the side

>Grab hammer

>Proceed to raise the hammer in the air

>Beat yourself over the head repeatedly for owning a Blackberry
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For unlocking your Blackberry 8700c ,What you will need to do is first find out your mobile phone’s IMEI number. You can find this by typing in *#06# and then hitting the enter or send key on your phone . This number is completely unique to your phone and will be used to generate or calculate an unlock code for your phone . Keep in mind this only works with GSM or SIM based phones and not CDMA ones. Get the unlock code here


Once you have your iphone unlock code, you can follow this simple steps in this site & unlock your mobile without vain .
Approximately 6 years 3 months ago, ILoveGuitar07 stole someone's Blackberry 8700c