i got my girlfriends squier and was wondering how easy it would be to install a nice pick up to make it sound decent like an EMG 81
I wouldn't put that much into a squire dude. Those are pretty expensive. anyway, it wouldn't be too hard if you want to. I had the same deal (except I got the pickup for free) and I just got a wiring diagram for HSS from Semour Duncan's website. That's a great site.
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It's not that hard, but you can't use the same controls as the passive single coils. They have to have different control pots, since EMGs need 25K pots, and strats generally have 250K pots.

Furthermore, you can't use the EMG at the same time as the passive pickups.

Just don't do it. It's not worth the hassle. Besides, EMGs are designed run the front end of a tube amp hard...so if you don't have one, not worth it.