it would sound way better if you tuned your guitar. Sounds like you're playing it correctly though.
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So the rhythm is right?

Its probably my tone. Or something of that matter. but

as long as the rhythm sounds right i would be REALLY HAPPY!
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Rhythm is correct.

The third and fourth chords sounds wrong though. I'm pretty sure you need to play those chords 1 fret up from what you are playing now. Check the tab again and see if that fits with the song better.
ah crap I just figured it out.

I was playin a 3rd fret instead of 4th fret power chord.

Epiphone Les Paul Custom
Peavey Triumph 112 120W all tube
Takamine EG333C

idk how to quote a tab so i took a screenshot but i just made that really quick. Listen to the song while looking at this. It's not 100% correct but i just did it to show you that he does a quick G (the 3 on the tab) before he switches to the Ab(the 4).

Listening to the song is much better than just looking at the tab because the rhythm he uses is not very easy to tab.

- also your 2nd link you posted doesnt work

Your missing the last strum each time.....
Just before you move from the 1st and 3rd frets to the 4th and 6th ones you should add one more strum without pressing any frets...
I dont know if you'll understand what I mean but listen to the song and try to play along and you'll probably see what I mean