I've heard that with all the pickup options it gets pretty darn fat. My question is can it get as fat and heavy as a les paul? I love tele twang, but also love fat Les Paul tones. Can this guitar get both?
Pink Floyd
You get the warmth and fat tone from a mahogany body. Also the fact that the les paul is very thick as far as the wood goes adds tho the warmth and fatness of tone. Maybe if the tele is mahogany you will get close but I think they are usually alder.
I know the wood and size adds to it a lot, I was just hearing a lot of stuff about it giving a Les Paul-ish tone from the series option, and I was like 'WTF? Orly?' and so I decided to make a thread on it.
Pink Floyd
you'd need a fat neck too. LPs get their hum from the thick thick neck.
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