I'm selling my current guitar and buying a new one, it might sell from around 200-400 with the case so I have a few questions. I will be playing alternative, rock, and most things just around here. Occasionally i will play metal. I want something that is really comfortable, easy to play, and can play a wide range of music styles. This isn't for shows or anything, just for playing un-amped or amped whenever i feel like it.

For the lower price range, I was thinking a yamaha pacifica, is this the best in the $200 or lower category?

And for $400 or lower would the Fender Strat or the Epiphone les paul studio be a better idea than anything else? If it is, which one of of those two?

i own an LP and it is starting to take a toll on my back and postur due to it being so DAMN heavy.

for you, i would say the pacifica. Bucker in the bridge and 2 single coils in the middle and neck positions. wont break th bank or your back.
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honestly, never go for anything 200 to 400. invest a little more money in your guitar. with an ibanez, you could play virtually any style though.
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LP's are so sexy I dont care how heavy they are, XD....but why are they so heavy anyway?

And really I dont feel like i need to spend more than 400, and i dont have the money. Im not in a band or anything i just play when i feel like it.

and i use my friends semi-acoustic alot, but i dont think that is what im looking for.

thank you though
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