Peiople have told me things about when new guitar related things are coming out that i never hear about and i was wondering where you guys find out when new stuff is coming out.
UG, haha

go to random websites for guitars from time to time, like harmony central and such, that's how i find out a few things here and there, not alot, but just a few enough to keep me up with the times
harmony central or UG but really I don't follow stuff like that very much.
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Most of the new stuff is announced at NAMM or Musikmesse in Frankfurt. Go to websites or forums with people who went there and they usually have the latest news.
Gearwire gets press releases on new stuff coming out, so do most guitar magazines. The biggest times of year to find out about new stuff is around any of the large conventions as they'll be well documented all over the internet.

Here's a dirty little secret that not a whole lot of people know: If you hear about a new product that isn't out yet and you want more information, call the manufacturer.
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you just hear about it, usually big companies' new products get a lot of buzz on places like UG and harmony central