Well i wanted to noe where to download movies and stuff...
I dnt want replys of "torrents" because i used em and i had like 40 viruses..
Right now im using Limewire Pro i trust in limewire pro..
Can some 1 check if [url has viruses on it it has many good things but im not sure i should download from it...

Thanks , Pit...
i gotta take a fat shi,t right now but ill be right back to answer your question
TORRENTS! lol nah I shall explain. On torrents you can tell if it is a virus or not. You look at the comments, the amount of seeds and leechers and you can view the files and the file size that are in the one that you choose. You just have to be a bit aware and not just get one that has 0 seeds, the comments say "**** YOU THIS IS A TROJAN" and if the file is 3mb and it is called "trojan.....i mean...... umm...that movie......" Just use torrents but be a little careful that's all.
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