In this moment of clarity
I just want to get down all my thoughts
Erase all the pain from me
Figure out who here will be at fault
It's not such a bad thing
Let's be honest, try to be adult
As zombies walk mindlessly
I don't think that we'll ever be caught

Do you remember when you said it would be okay
Let's live our lives and **** what the others say
Well, it's all over now and if you ask me
I just don't know what the hell is going on today

And this world is a messed up place
Everyone is fighting on their own
We need a way to escape
Get the people back inside their homes
So let's go make our own fate
The time is right, but you are all alone
We never give up the chase
Even as our mouths fill up with foam

(Here's) To the masses, cause we know what you want
To keep us down, but you'll find you cannot
Listen closely, hear our rebellion chant.