any songs for fingerpicking? i rarely fingerpick and its probably the most challenging type of song? something simple or average...something like ''babe i'm gonna leave you''?

ok,thanks guys..
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tears in heaven - eric clapton
blackbird (i think its called that) - beatles
plucking? like... having sex? that's really what immediately came into my mind when I read it
You can "pluck" fingerpick any song you like. Instead of strumming the chords in the regular songs you know, just pluck a couple of the notes instead
Dust in the wind- kansas
good riddance- green day

babe im gonna leave you
are the ones im working on
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Tears In Heaven is a must. Stairway To Heaven is fun to learn and increases left hand strength. Nothing Else Matters is another one of those "holy grail" fingerpick songs. All three of these songs lead to sex with multiple partners.
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