okay, so I have a MIM Fender Jazz bass, which i love and is in pretty good shape...

but while jamming the other day when I would play on the high string anywhere above the 12th fret it would simply buzz and not produce any note... only in this area and on this string... what is the deal? do i need to file the frets or something?

help, this blows...
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Yup...you need to tidy up the fretwork. Sounds like the string is hitting one of the higher frets so you need to figure out which fret that is.

It would also help to raise the action a touch.
action is already pretty high, atleast higher than everyone else's basses ive played...

guess ill get down to that this afternoon before we record again tomorrow... appreciate it man.
...even when i'm sleepin' i'm keepin' it real.
thanks, gonna eet my guitarist to look at it later tonight, he's the expert not me
...even when i'm sleepin' i'm keepin' it real.
(I think) a person setting up an instrument would make sure they do what they can to make sure problems like these go away. Whether it's a truss rod adjustment or a nut file, a setup should take care of it.
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i will.. trust... we have to record saturday, so it's getting my full attention tonight
...even when i'm sleepin' i'm keepin' it real.