Hey, ive been playing for around 3 1/2 years and last year i got myself a Fender American Deluxe Ash Stratocaster (see profile for pic), but i have no idea how to change the intonation on the thing, i mean, ive only ever changed the strings once and havent done much else to it. Im used to playing a les paul with a fixed bridge which is easy to fiddle with the intonation. How do i change it on my Fender? Also, as i think its affect the intonation, should i change the strings one at a time or take them all off at once?

Thank you for reading and any advice given
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you move the bridge saddles closer to/further away from the pickups, can't remember which way it goes, but I think it's twoard the pickups if they're flat and away from the pickups if they're sharp.
There will probably be a screw on the underside of each saddle, so turn them with a screwdriver and the saddles will move, and constantly check with a tuner to make sure the intonation is going the correct way.

edit: yes, if you've had the guitar for a year and only changed strings once, then a change of strings will make a HUGE difference...older strings get intonation and tuning problems.
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on the back of the saddles should be screws holding it to the bridge, those set the intonation.
and im guessing it has a tremolo so changing strings one at a time would be best. if you took them all off, that would mess up your bridge, or give you some problems at least.
but i dont think that would effect intonation in anyway. string gauge, action, and truss rod adjustments would tho.
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