Are Hardshell cases suppose to be forced closed the last 1 inch. Theres so much padding in mine that when I close the lid the padding pushes on the bridge of the guitar, ie unless i'm pushing it down the case does not close all the way. Lol
I've never seen that problem before. Perhaps cut a small sqaure out around the bridge so that theres less padding in the area where it pushes? Ask the shop you bought it from, perhaps? or any shop for that matter...see what they say?
sorry for not being of much help.
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are you talking about a flight case? because i have the same experience with my flight case for my les paul. i think it would be okay, because the padding s soft and should give way to the bridge.
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Yup, same situation and guitar. I just got the les paul so i'm still babying it. I was just worried that maybe the strings would get pushed down to the pickups and potentially scratch things up. Or worse the guitar would warp over time.
None of my cases have to be held down to close. The latches will do all the work on mine and I have cheap fit everything kind and brand name fit only one kind cases.