i heard alot of people say its very good but is the agile 3000 better in overall tone, how the distorted and clean sound then the epiphone
personally I would say the epiphone is better (if you mean standard PLUSTOP) because of the flamed maple making a warmer tone and better sustain
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personally I would say the epiphone is better (if you mean standard PLUSTOP) because of the flamed maple making a warmer tone and better sustain

acutally i mean plain top
Epiphone is better.
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Epiphone is better.

just by curiosity, have you played an agile?
- If you can't try them before you buy, Epiphone are an awful risk to take, and 99% of the time, Agile will be suprior. I would argue that Vintage, ESP and Tokai all make even better LP copies than Agile though, for roughly the same price. Vintage and Tokai's in particular are closer to a real LP than an Agile is and cost barely any more, depending on where you live.
- If you have the means to try out many Epiphones to find one of the rare, very good ones (usually about one good guitar out of every 15 or so that you try), then the Epiphone is by far superior to any other copy, for the money. This does rely though on you being able to try out many Epiphones first, and really knowing what it is you're looking for. if you're at all unsure, or if you can't try out in person at least 10-12 Epis, then you shouldn't even consider them.

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acutally i mean plain top
Same thing. Plus Top and Plain Top both have the thicker maple caps, one just happens to be plain maple and the other is flame maple.

Regular Standards do in fact have a maple cap, but it's much lower grade maple, and it's roughly 2/3s the thickness of the maple used on Plus/Plain Tops, so it doens't brighten the tone as much, and yeah, is lower quality.

note that even with a Plus or Plain top, an Epiphone Les Paul still has a darker, thicker tone than a Gibson Les Paul, due to the poly finish (compared to the nitro finish on the Gibsons).

Believe it or not, an Epiphone SG G-400 sounds closer to a real Gibson Les Paul than an Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus/Plain Top does.
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The Agile Al-3000's in solid colors don't have maple top's
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i would go for the Agile myself, its a much higher quality guitar for the price.
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