its loud enough for smaller gigs for sure, might have problems getting totally clean over a drummer, but loud enough it would be


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Easily, yes, but don't expect crystal-clean tones once you've got the master volume right up.
I gigged weekly with a Blues Junior for about a year, never found myself lacking power anywhere I played.
You'll be fine with 15 tube watts. My palomino has always been fine for drummer/gigging purposes.
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I think it's useful to break down playing circumstances into three categories:

1) Small clubs, where you're the background noise, or bedroom practice. Plenty loud enough for these situations, really ideal.

2) Larger noisier places competing with other loud instruments. Here, headroom begins to matter. You want to be heard, but you want to produce a good sound at the same time. At some point around here, you'd sound better with a bit more power. You'd have more bass and be less likely to break up. But many of those places have PA systems, and you just mic the amp and you're fine.

3) Big places, or outdoors. Here, it's strictly a stage monitor.
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Ow, so my 30 watt Vox Ad is more then enough? My teacher can fill with his 15 watt easily a café he says, but it depends on it. If you`re play Blues and your drum is not too hard you can also get over it with a clean sound.
A Valvetronix isn't a tube amp. Its a Hybrid, so Its pretty much just as loud as 30W Solid State
Depends on the size of the gig, the size of your band, and how reasonable they are. If you've got another guitar and/or keyboard, you might have more trouble cutting thru the mix than if you're in a three piece where you're the only mid-range instrument.

Frankly, I prefer 30W either way. But you can get by with 15.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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Ok guys thanks for your input.I think i may get that new blackheart 15W combo comin' out soon.My drummer freaked when i told him that 'cause he equates wattage with loudness and goodness.
this amp is 20 tube watts and it was louder than my old solid state fender that was like 180 watts

and with the tube amp it should sound better the louder you get