Has anyone personally used the faux stone spray that is carried in hardware stores like Home Depot? If it's decent quality and won't rub off with light use, I think I'd be interested in refinishing my old strat with it.

Also, with the rough texture of the finish, would I not really be able to spray clearcoat on it? Maybe just lightly sand down the last coat of the faux stone with a high grit paper, and then coat?

Thanks guys.
Update: I bought some this morning, and I'm currently in the process of testing painting some sanded, bare white cedar I had laying in the garage. It seems to be sticking well after the first coat, so I'll apply another coat in a little while. If the cedar turns out well, I'll end up painting the strat, and upload a pic or two of it for future reference, in case anyone else is interested in using this paint.
actually, my friend seth bought this same stuff, and after about half a year its started to rub off, but he didnt sand everything off, so it might be best to sand very very thoroughly first.it looks pretty cool, however.
I was very impressed with the test sample I used on the white cedar, so I went ahead and began painting yesterday. I emptied my first can as soon as it began to get cloudy, so I let it dry in the sun for a little while before bringing it inside.. good thing I did that when I did, it started to rain a little bit a few minutes later.

Here's a few pics, with it requiring a a couple spots to be touched up with a little paint, and then the matte clearcoat after that. I'm planning on ordering some black hardware, so if anyone has any experience with a fair priced ebay store, I'd appreciate the help. Once I finish this, hopefully I'll be able to do an actual build in the future, and not just a repaint. The paint has a yellow tint in the pictures, due to the lamps in my living room. It's more of a gray color in person, maybe I can get an accurate pic eventually.

that looks prety kool dude, ill be waiting to see the finish product with the pickguard on and everything.
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actually, my friend seth bought this same stuff, and after about half a year its started to rub off, but he didnt sand everything off, so it might be best to sand very very thoroughly first.it looks pretty cool, however.

Did your friend apply any kind of finish on it, or did he just leave it exposed? I'm not really too worried about this one, it'll be more of a showpiece while I convince my mom to let me get a new neck.
hah that's amazing
if you could get a sun stencil and paint a little sun over the stones..
i think that'd look perty
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Alright, so the paint is done for now, until I do the clear coat after the paint cures. How long should I give the paint before I apply the clear? I was thinking a week would be good, but I'm not sure if I should wait more, with the weird texture of the paint. Also, I'm ordering some new hardware (pickguard, pickup covers, and knobs) and was curious how I would go about measuring the pickups for the correct cover, since there's two seperate sizes. The two sizes are 2 1/16, and 1 31/32. This is an Affinity Squier, if that helps at all. I'm also aware that I'll have to drill new holes for the pickguard. The white plastic just looks horrible on the paint though.

Thanks for any input UG.

My parts from ebay (Southeast Music) arrived today. I transferred all of the electronics into the new black plastic parts, and did a mock-up, to get a general idea of what the finished product will look like, after the clear coat is applied. My favorite part that I ordered, the knobs, were the last to go on.. which I misordered, and are like a mm too large for the knobs. However, the difference in size is so minimal, that I decided to just glue the knobs on. This guitar is more of a showpiece than anything.

Here's some photos of the mock-up:

That's actually really neat... I agree with the matching headstock, but wrecking it would is totally unescassary..
After seeing this i am very tempted to do it to my p.o.s. bc rich warlock and maybe get some new electronics for it.(its really not that bad of a guitar, especialy for beeing a bc rich)Is it easy to paint a guitar with the spray cans? I've always used a paintgun and auto paint for guitars. Also how much did it cost you and would one can be enough?
dude thats looks really nice, its got that stone texture, i bet it feels weird.
Thanks for the praise, guys. I was actually considering painting the headstock, since I just sanded off the old Squier logo last night.

Devin - Between sandpaper, paint and the clear coat, I spent around $25-$30. I ended up having to use about a can and a half, but I also did a test application on a decent sized plank of cedar (6"x10" or so) with a few coats. Also, on one of the horns, I got too close with the paint, and the paint began to bead up on the surface of the guitar. I ended up having to smear off the excess with a rag, but due to the texture of the paint, the following coats hid my mistake. The most expensive part was easily the paint, at over $8 a can. Also, with the paint, I'm not sure if it's just a defect with the batch that my two cans came from, but I shook both cans for about 15 minutes each, and never heard the bearing rattle... so don't be alarmed if you end up doing this, and that happens to you. There's a recommended clear-coat on the can, which I'll follow up on after I apply it. Hope that helps you out a bit, man.
I feel like it needs a burst or something
Awesome idea! I would paint the headstock to match. Also, it might look cool with a crack or two in the body. I have no idea how to accomplish that, though.
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Looks interesting, definately do the headstock. Nice finish!
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I think this thing would look really great with a burst, similiar to the silverburst on some of the LP's I've seen.. but I just don't want to risk ruining this thing, and I'm not sure how the black paint (or whatever color i would use to burst) would apply onto the coarse feel of the faux stone.

I will be painting the headstock within the next week, but only on the front face, leaving the back and the edges untouched, to give it some type of contrast.
Sorry about the delay, but I finally got around to finishing the headstock on this beast.

All things considered, I'm somewhat disappointed by the result of the paint.. from a distance, it looks like a standard, bland gray strat, but the quality is fine, so for my first re-finish, I guess I should be satisfied.

That looks really cool. I like it.

And the Aerodyne Jazz knobs are a great touch. I think I want to get some for my strat now.
wow. creative, original and looks cool i woulda added sparkles. rofl.
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