basically what do u do when maccys rejects you for a job? ive applied at over 7 places and one of them has given me an interview and that was maccys and then they send me a letter sayin i was unsuccsesful,Help!! it looks like i`ll never be able to get a job, im at coll thru the week and just want a weekend job but nobody will have me
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Do the right thing - do extra curricular work to boost your Resume like volunteering for something. It gives you more skills. Rule No.1 - never expect you will be given a job otherwise you'll be very disappointed with yourself. Go to a assessment centre so you can work on your job techniques.
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keep on applying

after about 6 months, try again. or rewrite your application

yeah, why don't you post your application and we'll give you advice on how to change it
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Don't lose faith, keep trying. Happens to me all the time. I only just got a full time job working for Green Corps, $580 a fortnight, planting trees and whatnot. For my age and lack of qualifications, a full time job is great. I couldn't do better anywhere else.
You're probably asking the question "how do I get a job if they are looking for experience and the only way i can get experience is by getting a job so WTF!!!" well what you can do is send your resume to alot and i mean way more than 7 places, the more you send to different places the better the chance of somebody giving you a go and you kind of do that until you get alot of experience at different places so you can build it up for a better job.