Ok, if UG had a video game of some type, what kind do you think it would be (if you relate it to guitar hero ill kill you) and what character in it would you play?

I think it would be a platformer in which you had to jump over obstacles in what would be called "The Pit" to reach the highest point and face the moderators and try to get them to revoke your IP ban!

I would be the main characters black friend who has to sacrafice himself so the protaganist can perservere.
I'm Just a Box in a Cage
I'm Just a Box in a Cage
I'm Just a Box in a Cage
I'm Just a Box in a Cage
An MMORPG called "The Pit", in which you have to slay n00bs and trolls. Would be sick. GUlTAR would be the final boss, with his epic IP tracking system.

OR Guitar Hero.
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I think it would be a console game where you have this toy guitar, right, and it has button to represent frets and whatnot, and on the screen, a fretboard rolls past with colored circles representing notes on the toy guitar, and you're supposed to match pressing the buttons on the guitar with the corresponding color on screen.

It should be a furiously masturbating whilst attempting to post as much as possible before your mother shouts at you to go to bed simulation. An accurate virtual Pit.
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OR Guitar Hero.

I'm Just a Box in a Cage
I'm Just a Box in a Cage
I'm Just a Box in a Cage
I'm Just a Box in a Cage
Why would we need a video game when we have the real thing?

*resumes surfing The Pit*
Id be the Nerdy looking noob who dies at the first cutscene.
I would be Zero-Hartman, the old guy who sits in the corner of the smoky bar drinking Guiness and Whiskey and say "Those who have tried have never come back, heed my warnin', you're fools!". I have 20 Dexterity and 40 Hp, and my speciality weapon is Rusty Longsword.

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I'd be Seth Shadows. And I'll hit you with a ****ing pokeball.

Epic game.
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Your only weapons would be Biting Wit, Devastating Sarcasm and a Flame Shield. It would also be really pointless and nothing would happen.

I'd be the invisible guy who noone notices and ends up getting killed very early on.
It should be like in my sig, if not I'll be the infamous bannable pear
Hull City A.F.C

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FPS, anyone? I'd be the stupid camper that sits at the enemy base killing anyone that spawns, who nobody likes because he is at the top of the table all the time.
I'd be some random, mysterious guy that snipes you in randon epic cut-scenes when you enter a new big forest or room. Then later, I'm a Boss who gets his arse kicked in an awesome fight battle, and I explode when I die. And you get my Sniper Rifle.
i'd be an apricot
I'd be like the little girl from FEAR.

*walks creepily towards you*
twould be am MMORP... where u could upgrade skills like 'shredding', 'soulful playing', 'tapping' and do quests such as build your own EVH frankenstrat.. or steal Slash's top hat n get away with it!!

and you could go into an area where you would have guitar duels with different users!


oh and I would be... myself
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Carmel is hawt
Id be the guy whos too pussy to confront the threadkiller who lives on the floor below him.
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I'd the the man in the cloak who sells supplies to you, no matter what level you're on.
Who dat?
I would be Kai, the guy who sits in the bar with a lemonade and a sword, and a guitar on his back. that's a bout it. oh, a complete nerd too. with +80 charisma and max health.
ill be the pits drug dealer and would know all the shortcuts to get to anyones position with fresh supplies, i would also say the following over and over again:
I've got some rare things on sale stranger
what are you buying?
what are you selling?
*malicious laugh*
thank you
come back anytime
I think it would be an FPS (given the current gaming market) where you fire sarcasm through various forms of guns. You have fight off people who make stupid posts.
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SomeoneYouKnew: Acts in the same way as the old man from Zelda, giving hints and weapons n' stuff.
Kai07: Medic.
Zappp: Master hand.
Me: Beedrill.