Let me introduce myself first. I'm a singer/songwriter, playing acoustic or clean electric guitar. Most songs are a crossing between damien rice, john mayer and thomas dybdahl (read: Raw melancholic acoustic songs). I've made some tracks so far, but doing all 'acoustic' is getting very, very boring. So I need to spice up my tracks.
The problem with drum loops is that they are too static. I can't adjust to 'my way' of playing and the aren't flexibel. However Reason beats so far sound much too soft.
So the question is, who can give me some tips/hints on creating and spicing up the (electronical) drums in tracks?
Listen to some of your favourite songs to get ideas. What i tend to do to keep my drums interesting is have as many little fills as possible, be it snare rolls or tom-toms or a double bass breakdown. I'm using Beatcraft, by the way. Very good software, that.
The problem is that it's handy if you import it into cooledit or any program alike, but it will still sound static. You can't manually adjust kit-parts to make it sound like 'I want'. Reason allows that, but it's a bit too complicated for the moment (needs time working out). Any alternatives?
The best way to do it is to write the loops in a sequencer program then have a drum machine recieve the data, and then record the audio.