ok so, im thinking about using my money to put together a new strat

im thinking something like this

- alder body
- humbucker in the bridge
- american strat tremelo bridge
- strap locks
- locking tuners
- 2 piece neck (flamed maple for both?)
- carved top if i can afford it
- c - shape neck contour i think
- 22 frets if possible
- ARTHUR branded into the headstock

Any suggestions regarding pickups, woods etc...would be very much appreciated
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Personally I've always been of the opinion that building a relatively stock Strat from parts is far too costly to justify considering you could just buy one that has most of the features you're shooting for already. You get the experience of putting it all together; but seriously, putting together a Strat doesn't exactly require abstract thought.

One of the biggest reasons to assemble a Strat from parts is the fact that there are way different parts to choose from. You could build one out of Wenge and Bubinga, or find a neck made out of solid Brazilian Rosewood. Put 6 lipstick pickups in it if you want to. Unless you're going to do something drastically different than what is available on a stock Strat, it's cheaper and easier to just buy a stock Strat and make simple changes.
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dude, could u put 6 pickups in a guitar? wtf would that sound like?
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dunno what six pickups would sound like lol, but i mainly just want different pickups
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