Hey everyone, need some input here.
So I'm planning on buying a bass soon (Most likely a Fender Active P Bass) anyway I'm looking for some good effects for the bass (mainly distortion/fuzz) I've been looking at the Big Muff Pi for a good distortion, however, I've only heard the Big Muff Pi on a guitar not bass. And on guitar I think it sounds terrible and I hate it. However (once again) I've heard it is great for bass. Should I go for it? Or do you know any other great bass distortions? Thanks in advance.

Oh by the way, the music style I play is like rock/alternative/pop (not pop in the sense of the stupid pop punk stuff, I mean pop like Nirvana/Beatles loll)

Great bass tone to me = Muse "Hysteria"
the bassist in my band has a muff, i think it sounds freaking schweet! but he is after a more dirty distortion.

i guess its a lot of trial and error, take ur bass to ur local guitar store and ask to try their pedals. see what suits your needs.

hysteria rocks!
Search for trheads on this that were made in the bass forum.. You won't even begin to consider a big muff after that. A bass with a muff will not cut through in a band situation, too much low end is sucked.

The only way you're really gonna get a muse tone is through byamping a clean and an effect channel with the fuzz, etc. on it. Like I said, use the search bar to find some past bass forum posts and you will also find a lot of nice alternatives to the big muff.
Well saying you like Muse Chris uses a Russian muff. I think that what he uses on Hysteria along with a EHX Bass Balls and Time Is Running Out.