so about a month ago I got this guitar from a local store,
(not exactly, mine is the maple version or something but the specs are the same)

...anyhow I'm having problems with it staying in tune. I know it has locking tuners but I'm new to using them so I'm probably not using them right. The guitar seems to stay in tune OK when in E standard but when I try to tune to Eb it has problems, the strings usually go sharp after just a minute or two of playing. This didn't happen when I first got the guitar and had the strings they had put on for display still on it, so I'm thinking I must not have the strings on right (I'm a noob) or something. So can anyone help me out?
Well, you should only have the string wounded(spelling?) half a time around the post when you're using locking tuners. Maybe it'll help!
^ Yeah. Got this off another site:

What locking tuners do is secure the string in the tuner shaft, so that you don't have to wind it around the pole to secure it. Basically, with the tuner "unlocked", feed the string through, pull it till it's tight, and lock the tuner. When you tune, the string should only wrap at most 3/4's around the shaft.

If that's all taken care of, make sure that the trem is sitting correctly.
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well, you untighten the screw under the headstock.
Took me a while to get it too;>