Any suggestions?
I want something that will last for a long time and isnt shit. And i really don't want to spend 60 dollars on a game that might suck, so i'm kind of leaning towards a cheaper/older game. I was thinking of getting Army of two or Rainbow Six vegas (the first one). Soooooo give your opinions on those. And i kind of want a game where you can fuck shit up online.

Games i already have:
Dead Rising
Guitar Hero
The Orange Box
Halo 3
Gears of War
Mas Effect
NBA Live 08
Assassins Creed
Ghost Recon 2
Saints Row
Morrowind (lulz)

This is for 360 btw.
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Rsv 2!!!!!!!!!

edit: how much is 60 dollars in £?
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army of two +1
this game looks gret get it boii get it
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Dead Rising brought the lulz.
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Forza 2, if you're into racing games. I hear it's excellent.
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