Alright this is rediculous, the people on this board really need to stop using outdated 4 Chan memes, like STICK ITIN HER POOPER LOLOL, an HEROOO!!11, LULZZZZZ

Its so rediculous, it was old when they said it, and the people on here look even more retarded when they say it after its done and over with.
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Hai Thar! I Think Isy Is A Cool Guy, He Plays Guitar And Doesn't Afraid Of Anything!

That ones not bad, but you guys should come up with your own material, goons and chans think you guys are absolutely retarded, there was an atricle about Ug'ers on SA's front page a while back

Edit: Why the hell did you report me, I didnt do anything wrong, if someone can make a thread about seeing a damn smiley face in their cereal, im pretty sure I start one about retarded memes