I tried searching the internet but came up with nothing. I recently received an old vinyl record player and want to buy some records. I’m aware that there are multiple sizes and speeds for vinyl, but don’t know specifically which ones I can play. Is one player compatible with most records: 45 rpm, 33 rpm, 12”, 7”, etc. or am I limited to only one make and speed. I don’t know the brand of the player but I know it’s a little older, at least 20+ years.
Most players have a switch for the different speeds and a little insert to fit the larger 45s. It should be in an obvious spot or at least somewhere on the back.
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Yeah, there should be a switch for 33/45s, and for 7" records, you might need to get this little disc thing, it goes on the center of the record player so that the larger center of the single should fit. Although 90% of records are gonna be 33s, 12" anyway.
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