I have a ds-1 and i love it, but i want to be able to get a little more gain out of it and a little less treble. Is there a way i can mod it myself that wouldn't require massive technological knowledge. The knowledge of electricity that i have is that of high school physics....which i do have an A in but still. If i have a chart and some basic information about what i am doing that would be awesome, although i could probably get by without the chart. I want to spend like 15- 20 bucks max, i just want a little less high end in addition to more gain. help me ?
how much high end do you want cut? you can change C10 to .022uf and up for less highs(the higher the value, the less high end). For what you want, i would change R16 to 1k, R14 to 10k, C10 to .027, C5 to 3.3k, and C9 to 3k. That might do it. if not, experiment.
awesome, now i understand taht i am a noob when it comes to modding pedals. So are these the names of different resistors i chould change? and where would i get them. Or capicitors? im a noooooobcake.