It seems I write my best riffs at night, like an hour or two before I need to go to sleep...
When I'm on drugs, duh!

I mean, we *are* rockstars, aren't we?


Aren't we???

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Im weird my riffs come to me when im asleep. i wake up in the middle of the night to write stuff down
When I'm hungover.

0neway: Yeah I've had that too a few times; that's one of the reasons I always keep a dictaphone by my bed.
All the time, im a riff machine....if only

when im drunk, or at night.
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usually when i'm taking a dump or taking a shower, for some odd reason. it's not the only time i come up with stuff but i find that i've come up with a lot of stuff while on the jon or while i'm scrubbin myself. weird idk
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in school ...but i always forget to wrigt em down...its depressing
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when im alone is best for me cause when people are around me when im playing all they want to hear is songs familiar to them... its so annoying i try telling them guitar is not about imitating the famous musicians, but they are baffled by that so i have to end up playing some Zeppelin.... honestly i dont mind zeppelin but id rather not have to play other peoples music when i play all the time.....

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Late at night, sitting at my dimly lit desk, when everyone else is asleep and there isn't a single sound in the house.
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At night. I'll just be laying there watching TV trying to fall asleep at like 2 am or later, when something will pop in my head, then I will get out of my bed, and work out it and refine it, then finally get to sleep sometime in the morning(good thing I work nights).

Its nice and peaceful at night.
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Quote by FacingUsAll
When I'm on drugs, duh!

I mean, we *are* rockstars, aren't we?


Aren't we???

haha,true very ture

mine is when im outside just messing around,or when i mess up a song and i think"hey that actully sounded cool"
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Like 3/4 of the time its during skool, which is dumb as hellz. Cause I forget about it by the end of the day usually. But also, after hangin with my girlfriend I seem to write and pop out riffs like madd. And ya know, on t3h weedz and allkohallz.
Generally sometime after the first beer and before the fourth.
When I feel like I just want to shred like crazy.



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night, when i cant sleep i grab my guitar and mini marshall and let loose
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do what jimbleton said

^ i did something good!!

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^ to something i said!

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in school ...but i always forget to wrigt em down...its depressing

I know me too.
During/after reading. Doesn't matter what (though Iain Banks' Espedair Street is fantastic) but the flow of the text helps me think of riffs or themes.