I'm making a calculator for a project & I'm just wanting a little of help to kick start me off:

I'm wanting to know how to do a

Entry 1:
No. 5 which is in:

Multiplied (when clicking multiply the box must keep the original number in) by an:

Entry 2:
No. 2 which is in the same textbox also:

Entry 3: Answer 10 displayed in the
As an interger or shorthand integer?

Anyone here good at Vb?
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I'm not very good with vb, but...
You could use two variables, then when you click on the button (+ - * \) it puts the textbox.Text as one of the variables, then you'd input your second number, and when you click an 'equals' button (=), put textbox.text as the second variable and multiply (or + - \) both variables.

or something like that...hope it helps


Forget what i said, this should help.
It's for vb .net but it's basically the same as any other version of vb
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