I've just been wondering how most bands have begun, were all band members best mates?
did the frontman just put up loads of notices saying he/she was looking for a band?

How has it turned out?

Well when i start one i'll tell you
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Which one? I have just been friends with the people in all the bands I have been in. We would play and do **** for awhile and usually I would just quit because I got tired of doing it. Well the last band was because they all sucked balls. Especially the drummer.
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Well, a while back i heard this metal band started up, there doin quite well, i think there called Iron Maiden, not to sure though, they myspace check it out, see what you think
well.. i had a friend and he was my buddy in class.. and he played guitar..

A friend of his would play bass.. and i had contact with a drummer..

Now .. we play covers, but the guitarist is working with GuitarPro to tab some new sh*t
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Well, a while back i heard this metal band started up, there doin quite well, i think there called Iron Maiden, not to sure though, they myspace check it out, see what you think

Joking right?
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I've been in various bands...

1st band I played ryhthm guitar for, didn't really work out. We got together for a school project, played the school gig thing and tried to keep it going, but we couldn't be assed

2nd band, has been going for about 2 years now, I play keyboards vocals and guitar and we gig around and record demos quite frequently. reasonable amount of praise and media attention

3rd band worked out surprisingly well, even to the point where we managed to get an indie label interested, but we split up before the album was released because we found out they were taking advantage.

Usually started between friends, or in the case of the one that's still going, searching for worthwile musicians, befriending them, THEN forming the band.
It started out slow... very disfunctional and unproductive.
Then after summer it really took off.
We got 2 songs recorded and produced in 2 weeks, set up the myspace and posted them up there.
Then i couldn't commit to the band properly anymore cuz i got too buy with my coll stuff.
So the band ended.

Now i'm working on my solo project at my own pace.

Quote by marko'd
Well, a while back i heard this metal band started up, there doin quite well, i think there called Iron Maiden, not to sure though, they myspace check it out, see what you think

You're about 32 years late mate...
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Well, I started in a sh*tty college band, then the singer of that band got a bassist, the bassist just happened to be the lead guitarist of Minion, another band, he asked me to join his band.

So I left the college band and joined Minion with the lead guitarist and a drummer. Then the lead guitarist found our current singer and we auditioned him and decided to let him join. We then changed our name to Sons Of Exile and recorded a demo.

Then we auditioned a few bassists but none of them were any good. Then we found one and she joined for a few months, we recorded another demo, then kicked out the drummer. (he was sh*t, we gave him the chance to improve but he never did)

Soon after that the bassist quit and we found our current drummer(hes kick ass) and also auditioned a few more bassists but none of them were any good. We recorded our 1st EP with the new drummer and are currently preparing to gig

Thats all I have to say about that.
Me and the guitarist and drummer were all in a band together off and on for about 15-17 years called Three Amigos. I was on bass and shaired the vocals with the guitarist. During an interval in the band's career, the drummer decided to put a Sabbath tribute together just for a bit of fun. He'd already roped the guitarist into doing it and had a bassist lined up and said he was about to hold auditions for the vocalist.
One night in the pub, I told him I wanted to audition. He said 'But we already have a bass player.' So I said, 'No you pillock, I wanna be the Ozzy character... I wanna be the singer... without the bass, because I reckon I can do a fairly decent imitation of Ozzy but I definately want to audition first because I want your honest opinion.'
So he put down his pint, wobbled a little and said 'Go on then, sing me something by Sabbath right now!' So I gave him the 'Politicians hide themselves away..' line from 'War Pigs' in my bestest, loudest, Ozzy voice, (because I was as pissed as he was) and the pub fell silent, to which he replied 'Congratulations, you've just passed the audition, welcome to the band.' and shook my hand.

The bassist he had lined up fell through, so we looked around the pub one night (it was a real musicians dive called The Carlton in Burnley, sadly closed down now) and picked out the best bass player there, who also happened to be a good mate of ours and asked him, to which he replied 'What? Me? In a band with you two drunken reprobates? When do we start?)

We started rehearsing upstairs in the pub's function room using the pub's PA system, and after six weeks, we were told that the pub was having a charity night on the same night that we rehearsed and they would be needing the PA system that we used for rehearsing. So rather than miss our practice, we signed up to be in the line up for the charity gig, thinking we'd probably be the first band on.
Problem was, everyone else on the bill had heard us rehearsing from downstairs, and nobody wanted to follow us, so after just six weeks and with only nine songs gig ready, we headlined our first gig.
Another six weeks later, we were ready to actively seek out gigs. Over the next year, we built up a really big local following, and then over the next year after that, we took a lot of good advice from other tribute bands that we met and built up a national following by gigging all over the place and even started our own annual festival called Quazfest.
After that we constantly toured for about 4 years, but then split up for a year due to health problems, we were sick of the sight of each other. We'd actualy started arguing about money and all that kinda crap and to be honest, it wasn't fun any more, it was more like a job rather than something that we'd put together for a 'bit of fun' plus, being in a van for hours on end with the same guys, day in day out, just doesn't work after a while.
For a whole year the host (Andrew Turner) on our local radio station's (2BR Radio) rock show ran a campaign to get us back together and eventualy after a Babbathless Quazfest that just didn't seem right without us, and an offer we couldn't refuse from Andrew Turner. We returned to headline the Colne Blues Festival fringe.
Ever since then we've purposely kept it layed back, only gigging every month or so to keep it fun. But everyone in the band is also involved with other projects and there are plans to do something different with the same line up.
But Slack Babbath will probably continue until one of us dies.
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I started a band with my friend you played guitar about a year ago. We both played guitar and started to look for a bass player, a singer, and a drummer. One of my sister's friends played drums so we asked him to play with use.

Fast forward about 4 months.

Tired of not being able to find a bass player, I buy cheap bass and amp and begin to learn. We practice, cover a few songs, and write a couple. Everything seems to be going fine.

Fast forward 3 months.

The guitar player never practices, and can't make up his own stuff. I have to make up his parts, and he blows off practice (as you can see in a thread on this forum). At one practice, I get sick of it, sit on my amp, and refuse to play until he makes something up (kind of assholey on my part). After about half an hour of him playing 30 riffs that sound the same, we call it a day. I talk to the drummer and we decide that he needs to shape up or leave. Later that night, I get a message on myspace from the guitar player saying that he was going to leave the band.

The drummer and I keep playing over the summer and write a couple of experimental songs that are absolutely horrible. We jam with some new musicans early this year: same drummer, me on guitar, new bass player, and a new guitarist. We jam a couple of times, but it doesn't really work, so the drummer and I keep playing alone.

A couple weeks ago, I talk to the guitar player from the line up that didn't work out very well. He comes over and we play some songs on acoustic guitar. We decide to play with my drummer sometime. He comes over and we play with two guitars and the drummer. About half way through the practice, he grabs my bass and we decide that he will play bass, I'll play guitar and sing, and the same drummer will drum. We've practiced a couple of times, and have written about 5 songs.

While we use the same band name, I guess we're a completely differeny band. This is turning out to be my dream line up. We all mesh really well, and all enjoy the genre we're playing. Plus we all get along. Hopefully this line up lasts a long time and we write some great music.
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I heard one of my friends was learning how to play guitar, so I invited him over. He was pretty bad, but I thought him most of what I knew, and eventually he got better. Then we were able to nag a friend out of school to learn bass. He's still only learning, but he can play stuff like root notes. A guy that sits behind me in class plays drums, and I've been asking him a while, but he doesn't seem to want to join. Then, just last night, I was hanging out with this girl and I asked her...

Me:"You know how you play guitar?"
Me:"Do you sing as well?"
Her:"Yeah! I take singing lessons and all!"
Me:"Yeah, well, my band is having trouble finding a singer, so I was wondering...."
Her:"Sure!! What type of music do you play?"
*jumps up and down*
Her:"Yes, yes!"
Me:"Can you write lyrics?"
Her:"Yeah, I've been writing since I was six!"
Me:"So, yeah, cool!"

Me and the guitarist have already written some stuff, and we have great chemistry.

It's all coming together now!

PS: It helps that the chick is hot.
Well, I'm in two serious bands at the moment. The first one I joined September last year after they had been together since summertime. They didn't write anything before I came along, so I guess I've been there sinc ethe beginning and original lineup. Been doing pretty good, got 9 songs and got loads of ideas, we got studio space for free via school, and got a really good singer and other members. We're on a hiatus at the moment though because one of the guitarists is having a infected wrist :S SO I don't really know when we get to record our stuff.

The second band is a band that me and the guitarist form the other band joined after being asked by a drummer and another guitarist (I play bass), where they seem to be impressed by a powerchord progression that goes C, G, F and wants to turn every little thing my guiarist friend does into serious songs, even if the other band would have dismissed it as something you play to check the colume out on your amp :P He (my guitarist-friend), doesn't really bother to say against, and the drummer see's him as a some god or something because he has released "his own 4 albums" and obvsiouly is a good guiar player. I stay in the band because that I want to have the gig-expereicne we get (we got some gigs lined up and had our second one lats night). The drummer is a cocky Slipknot/Metallica/insert other "real metal" band, hyperactive over anything. If you believe that Slipknot isn't good he will go berserk and hate you for the rest of the band rehearsal :S Still, gigging experience and I don't want to loose the social contact with those people, but that's pretty much why I stay.
I never had a band. I have played for about 3-4 years before i moved out to CA and found John on the forums. We played, liked each of our styles so we decided to look for a drummer. We found our buddy Jerrin and then got Johns friend Jason to play bass. So its John, Jason, Jerrin and.......me.....Dillan......the only one with a name that starts with a "D".

We have been playing for about 8 months now. We have approx 7 songs, have a good demo and are about to try out a singer.
1. I had a little 2.5 foot long acoustic guitar and my friend had a bass. We got together and played some Weezer and Nazereth songs. kinda odd but it was fun. then we got a drummer and i got my SG and Fender Acoustic. We played a few gigs, but then the bassist went to boarding school.

2. I had talked to another friend about playing in a band for a while. I'd sing and play lead, and he'd play rhythm. So we did that, then we found a bassist from another school, and a drummer that's better than the last one i worked with. We played one gig at some dance, and it went really well. But now the bassist doesn't have the style we want him to, and he can't play at school gigs cause he's at a different school. So we might boot him. We've all been playing together for a few months.
Started jamming with my mate who's a drummer, when we were about ten. A couple of years later we realize we're practically a band, suitable additions seem to randomly congregate. Before we know it we have a bassist, another guitarist and so forth. A few not-vital members come and go, a few years later we discover our own style. We meet brass players. They like us and we like them. We jam. We record a CD. We win comps. We're a happy band.
I tried to start a bunch of bands, most didn't get past a half assed first practice, so I started working on what was supposed to be a solo project, just guitar and vox. About two months in, with a dozen good songs written, I had a song that I felt needed a trumpet part, so I asked my little brother to write and play it, since he's a great trumpet player. He did that, and wrote trumpet parts for several other songs. Then he told me that we needed a drummer. No luck finding one, so I gave him my drumsticks and crappy electric set, and told him to figure it out. He did, and then some. So here we are, 6 months later, having played one gig and we have a couple possibly in the next couple of months. Going well so far!...especially because we've finished writing one origional today and a couple covers too. And by tomorrow I expect to have "Cemetery Gates" by Pantera down.
my band was started by 2 friends and they new another person that played bass and got him and i met them in guitar class at my school and we both listen to similar music, also they were looking for a rythm guitarist so they asked to join and i did
Well we are all good friends and all have somewhat similar music tastes..It just started one day of jamming where I met both the guitarist and drummer and it has slowly grown into a full band kind of thing. It has really worked out so far..We are getting ready for summer shows and a demo-album.
My band started in the 7th grade. I had a friend who used to play classical guitar when he was 6, but stopped. At the time I was in love with music, and so was he. We were both into Blink-182 and similar bands. I couldn't get enough of Travis Barker's drumming. As a drummer myself I was amazed at is complex patterns and speed.

One day, me and my friend went and hung out at another friends house. When we got there she and another girl were playing an accoustic guitar. I had never touched one before. My firend decides that he wants to try and play this guitar, and although all he did was play Wake Me up when September Ends, it was amazing. Getting praise rekindled his love for the guitar, and I decided to start playing also. We decided to start a band.

Originally we had 10 members (lol). one drummer (me), two guitarists, three singers, two bassists, a percussion player, and a cello player. That quickly died because we were in 7th grade and weren't that good yet. Then we cut it down to me, my friend, and this girl who played bass. We were terrible. For the school talent show we played All The Small Things minus vocals. My friend nor I nor our bassist had NO knowlege of theory whatsover, so we were ****ed there also.

We cut the bassist because in truth she was pretty bad. But this left me and my friend without a bassist. it took us three months to find a new one

Our new bassist was better, and we played "Stay together for the kids" and "Can't Stop" which was a little tougher but really nothing big. Still we had no vocals. We asked my friend to sing, but he was terrible. We then asked another friend to sing; also terrible. after that the band sort of dissolved. The bassist never came to practices, so me and my friend ended up just jamming in the basement for a solid year. Throughout this time, our music tastes matured and expanded.

I got into Nirvana, which got me into Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne and other such bands. After hearing Tony Iommi and Randy Rhoads, I started practcing music nonstop. I don't know what happened to my friend throughout this time.

But by the middle of 9th grade, we were learning quite a bit of music theory, and began writing music. At first they were terrible but now they are quite sophisticated.

At the beginning of tenth grade we had indulged ourselves in Dream Theater, and the art of Shred. we decided to get serious. we rehired our bassist, and signed a keyboardist. We learned "The Ytse Jam", and "Pull Me Under" by Dream Theater, "No more tears" by Ozzy Osbourne, and "blow Me Away" by breaking benjamin, and played a small gig at school, where we met our future singer. I don't know how that happened but we got her to sing and we played a couple gigs at school, and one payed gig at a private party.

Then we cut our keyboardist. Our old keyboardist was a phenominal player physically, but was terrible at working with the band. He would come in late, play to fast, screw up time signatures, and other such things. We tried working it out of him, but he just couldn't do it, so we were sorry to let him go.

As of now (end of tenth grade) we've got a new keyboardist, who is also an amzing musician, and our bassist, guitarist, drummer, and singer, but have not had a gig in a while.
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