Don't get me wrong I love this site, but I think I might love it too much. Do you find yourself on this website more then actually playing or practicing guitar because I do. I find this website so much fun and entertaining that it is actualy taking away from my playing of the real guitar.

Post your opinion
Yes, I need to stop spending so much time here too
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I'm on this website way more than I actually practice guitar. I have no attention span.
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I practice and go on UG at the same time.
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I spend too much time in the Pit, but I manage to tear myself away and play guitar for at least an hour and a half a day. I tend to do it while watching TV or something.
Yea, you can do both at the same time, even if it just means doing chromatic scales with just your right hand lol
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I practice and go on UG at the same time.

ur not alone.
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The problem is that you can have this site running and take a look at it every now and then while doing something entirely unrelated, so I have it running pretty much all the time when I'm home. Guitar on the other hand requires you to stop everything else and focus on it. That's why I hardly play more than an hour a day.
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I agree with you entirely. The pit is just too funny.

dude this site rocks!
i think the pit needs to get in the rock and roll hall of fame...
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I go through stages of liking and disliking this site so i get more time to practice and do other things at different times.

I am currently disliking so im spending little time on here.
I indeed go on UG more than I practice Guitar . But I don't practice much anyway
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