I seen it in like the sweet child'o mine videos and randy rhoads did it in one of his crazy train videos that take and make a whammy bar effect but there playing les pauls.... but what they do is press down on the top strap button and like bend it backwards or somthing
I know Randy used to bend the neck of his Les Paul, if thats what you mean, but I really wouldn't advise it.
Yeah I can get up to a full tone down by bending the neck forward on my Tele. Looks good on stage for effect but I don't do it more than a few times during a set.
it won't break the neck if you do it the smart way. I play a Gibson SG, and I've done that before for solos and stuff. You can do it off of the strap button, but its a little easier if you grab the neck close to the head and push forward or pull back a little bit. Now, I wouldn't do it all the time, because you can warp it if you do it intently enough, but the thing to remember is that you dont have to worry about the wood so much as the truss rod, and those things are pretty tough. If you're curious, just give a little push once and see how it feels. I've been doing it on my SG for about 3 years and had no problems with warping or anything.
yeah there's no way you're breaking the neck unless you're arnold or the hulk.....of cource like the puddingking (mmm delicous) said if you do it every other fill you're gonna end up damaging the guitar but I doubt you'll break the neck
Yeah, if you're doing it on an SG, and maybe on a Les Paul, what you've really got to worry about is your neck joint, you're not going to snap a neck or rip out a bolt-on joint like o nstart or something. I do it occasionally to my guitars that don't have tremelos, it's not a big deal if you're not doing really huge dive bombs with it or doing it several times a song or anything.
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Yup, I have seen it but I would never do that as it would have adverse effects on the guitar neck.



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It's strongly not reccomended.

I remember when I took guitar lessons, my teacher had shown it to me on a crap guitar they had in the shop. You hold the end of the neck, and push down near the strap button.
As about 50 odd people have said, not do, or the sake of your guitar....

I was reading the Slash autobiography and he has a story, when we went to bend his neck live on stage, he bent it wayyyy to far and snapped the whole neck in half and some of his guitar whacked him in the face, he bled like a bitch!
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Yeah. They bend the neck. Don't do it, unless you have a couple million dollars and guitars to spare like they both did.
You can get the same effect by tuning that string down while it's still ringing, then tuning it back up.
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