I've been playing the guitar for about two months now. I know a few basic chords and can play Wonderwall and Songbird by Oasis pretty well. I've just found out about scales and I'm starting to learn those. At the moment I'm trying to learn Iron Man by Black Sabbath, but I'm having issues with the slides, I just can't get enough sound during and after the slide to be heard very well. When I go from frets 10 to 9, at fret 9 the noise is very faint and it sounds almost the same as me playing at 10 then 9.

Do I just need to crank the amp up louder or press down harder on the strings??

Also, I'm looking to buy a capo, does anyone reccommend a good one to buy, that isn't too expensive?


press harder, as u play more u will build finger strength and it will sound better
My Gear:
Fender '72 Tele Thinline Deluxe Reissue
Vox Night Train 15W