Ok so my guitar's pickups are making nasty squeaking noises whenever I turn up the volume just a little bit on my amp...but only when I'm using distortion...my other guitar does not do this...question is...are my pickups microphonic?...and if so, what must I do to fix this?
1) What kind of pickups do you have?

2) Does this go away if you hold your hand over your fretboard and mute all six strings?
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try dipping them in paraffin wax. this will usually help.
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How close is your guitar to the amp when you turn the volume up. Also check to see if it goes away like was said earlier if you mute all of the strings. It sounds like feedback.
What kind of amp do you have, and humbuckers or single coil pickups?
1) stock humbuckers from a lp spinoff/thing.=P

2) no.

I think I'll be replacing them soon anyway...but I just wanted to know...for future refference, if nothing else.
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In that case, it's either your proximity to the amp or your pickups. The first one is easily fixed, so I guess give that a shot. The second one would require potting or just a straight up replacement. If you were already considering replacement, you might as well just go for that.
Ibanez RGA121 | ESP LTD H-1000
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Yeah...even if I stand like 10 ft. away from it with my back facing the amp...I still get it...and I get feedback when talking into my pickups...and when I tap 'em w/ a pick, there's a clicky noise...so...idk if that helps.

In the end, I will be replacing them...so...not a big deal.
The way to tell if they're microphonic is to just tap the body of the guitar and see if alot of noise comes through the guitar. My Tele has microphonic pickups and this makes it really obvious. Look on the tutorial thread, CorduroyEw posted a way to easily solve it using Shellac.
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