Hey all, I've been lurking lately and this is my first post.

Some background: I've been playing the banjo (loud, obnoxious, fun instrument btw) for 4+ years and have wanted to learn guitar for quite a while. I started playing electric & acoustic guitar 4 months ago and have progressed very quickly, partially because I learned over time what to work on and what not to waste time on from learning the banjo. I mainly like Bluegrass, some rock/metal, and contemporary Christian music (yeah I know diverse musical taste). As far as gear I have a Martin acoustic, a nice Hagstrom electric, multi effects pedal, and a decent sounding Behringer SS amp. I can for the most part get the tones I want. Also have an AXL fat Strat knockoff but the EMG pups are hot and I prefer the smoother sound of the Hagstrom pups.

Anyways my immediate goal is to quickly get to the point of being able to play solid rhythm electric guitar in our band at church. They typically play stuff like Third Day and other contemporary Christian light rock style music. I've already been to several band practices and can keep up, as long as the song isn't too jazzy or has too many 7th and diminished chords in an uncommon key.

What I have learned and spent time working on so far:

* Learned tons of open chords and can switch between most of them fast

* Learned E, A, "minor shape" and 7th barre chords although I need more speed work

* Learned 2 and 3 finger power chords (root 5th & 6th strings) and can switch between them quickly

* Learned several different strum patterns for different styles of music

* Spent time practicing different chord voicings/octaves for backup behind an acoustic

* Learned a few pentatonic scales & sweep arpeggios and am working on speed and basic little riffs based off them

* Spent a lot of time playing along MP3s of Bluegrass and contemporary Christian songs

* Gone through a bunch of online lessons and free learning courses

* Have configured 8 different effects pedal patches to suit the different kinds of music I'm playing

* Practiced quite a bit while standing up

I'm married with young kids and don't have time for lessons, but can generally practice quite a while at night in the basement after the kids go to bed. I practice mainly with the Hagstrom electric, through the pedal and amp and modulate the volume low at night with the expression pedal. Got my strum patterns down good and have done some practice playing while singing. I know I need more work on barre chords, scales, and arpeggios and am practicing them daily. I'm pretty much tunnel visioned right now for learning stuff that will further my immediate goal of solid rhythm for light rock/contemporary Christian genre music. Is there anything/any techniques I've missed and should already be working on? Or if anyone just has general input on stuff I should be working on or thinking about, sound/gear/or technique related. Thanks for any and all input.
for a rythme guitarists u seem pretty set jsut keep practicing what ur practicing thats all i casn say